Legends Naga Tassel Necklace with Sapphires by John Hardy – Carter's Jewel Chest

Legends Naga Tassel Necklace with Sapphires by John Hardy

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  • $1,850.00
Unleash your inner warrior! This extraordinary piece showcases the mythical Naga dragon, a symbol of strength and protection, in a stunning pendant design. Meticulously crafted in sterling silver, the intricately detailed dragon features treated black sapphire and black spinel accents, adding a touch of mystery and allure. The piercing blue sapphire eyes evoke a sense of power and wisdom. Suspended from a 3.1mm round link chain necklace, this pendant hangs at a sizeable 30 inches, making a bold statement. The tassel element adds movement and sophistication, creating a mesmerizing effect with every step. Embrace the rich symbolism and exceptional craftsmanship of John Hardy with the Legends Naga Silver Tassel Pendant on 3.1mm Round Link Chain Necklace—a true testament to the brand's dedication to creating unique and meaningful pieces. Channel your inner strength and let the dragon's spirit guide you on your journey with this extraordinary pendant necklace.
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