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CJC Care Plan Terms & Conditions

The term of this agreement begins on the date of purchase and continues for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

This agreement covers the repair or replacement for the covered product in the event of a loss of stones if the loss is due to a defective mounting in the setting. Covered repairs include soldering; repairing broken, bent, or worn prongs or mountings; resetting stones; knots, kinks, broken links, broken earring posts or backs; stretched or broken pearl strands. A one-time ring sizing is available beginning ninety (90) days from the date of purchase of this agreement. A cosmetic rhodium plating shall be provided every year from the date of the purchase of this agreement.

The maximum amount that we are obligated to pay under this agreement shall not exceed 80% of the final retail selling price of the covered product excluding sales tax. Our obligation shall be fulfilled and this agreement terminated if the covered product is replaced, if a store credit is issued to you, or if we offer reimbursement but the offer is refused and you elect to retain the covered product.

You may cancel this agreement for any reason at any time. If you cancel this agreement within thirty (30) days of receipt of this agreement no refund will be given.

This agreement does not cover loss or damage from:

(A) misuse, accident, abuse, introduction of foreign objects into the product, tampering with prongs, bezels, or other elements designed to secure a diamond or gemstones, unauthorized modifications or alterations, unauthorized repairs and/or parts not from Carter’s Jewel Chest,

(B) rust or corrosion, fire, burglary or theft, perils of nature

(C) water damage, chlorine or chemical exposure

(D) pre-existing conditions that occur prior to the effective date of this agreement

(E) parts or labor covered by a manufacturer’s warranty

(F) damage not reported prior to the expiration of the term of this agreement

(G) flaws in gemstones

(H) unknotted pearl strands

(I) damage covered by another insurance policy, warranty or service plan

(J) shipping charges to and from client.

Zillion FAQs

Warranty and care plans cover defects and ongoing maintenance of your jewelry. Some may even cover damage but you’ll need Zillion in order to cover loss or theft of your jewelry, including while you travel.

While you can add jewelry to your homeowners/renters policy, it’s always better to insure with a specialty jewelry insurer like Zillion. Filing a jewelry claim with your homeowners/renters policy can put you at risk of an increased premium or cancellation of your full homeowners/renters policy. Your existing policy deductible could also apply which means you’ll pay more out of pocket. Coverage options may also be limited in not covering things like loss during travel.

Zillion provides a concierge claims experience by taking care of the repair or replacement with your retail jeweler – keeping you in the loop. As a customer of Zillion, you won’t be burdened by proving ownership of your item, verifying its value, paying a deductible, or negotiating a cash settlement. We take this opportunity to exceed your expectations and remind you why you put your trust in Zillion.

Zillion exclusively insures jewelry purchased by customers of our retail & industry partners. Through our embedded insurance platform and integration with partner retailers’ point of sale and eCommerce systems, Zillion is able to offer you the easiest jewelry insurance experience in the industry, and at lower rates. We get what we need directly from the jeweler without forcing you to fill out unnecessary forms or provide an appraisal. No hassle. No boring stuff. Learn more aboutZillion.

Carter's Jewel Chest is not a licensed agent and is not authorized to discuss or advise you on insurance coverage. Questions regarding this insurance program should be directed to Zillion. Coverage and pricing is subject to underwriting approval and policy terms and conditions.

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