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The Luminous Aquamarine: March’s Birthstone

March Birthstone Guide: The Meaning and Beauty of Aquamarine

As we enter the month of March, we shift our focus to its beautiful birthstone, the aquamarine. This light blue gemstone is not only known for its stunning color, but also for its calming and healing properties. From ancient times to modern day, the aquamarine has been treasured for its beauty and symbolism. 

In this blog, we will explore the history and meaning of the stone as well as popular styles of aquamarine jewelry. Whether you're a March baby looking to learn more about your birthstone or simply a gem enthusiast, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about this mesmerizing stone.

Introducing the March Birthstone

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family of minerals, which also includes emerald. The aquamarine gets its name from the Latin word for "seawater", reflecting the gem’s luminous blue-green color. This stone is typically found in Brazil, Madagascar and Zambia, among other locations.


History and Meaning

The history of aquamarine dates back to ancient times. The stone was used by the Greeks and Romans for jewelry and amulets. This gem was believed to have the power to protect sailors on the open sea. In the Middle Ages, aquamarine was used as a healing stone and believed to cure ailments related to the throat and digestive system. Today, aquamarine is still prized for its beauty and is a popular choice for a variety of jewelry. 


Adding Aquamarine to Your Wardrobe 

Aquamarine jewelry is a beautiful and versatile choice for any occasion. The light blue hue of the stone pairs well with a variety of metals and other gemstones, making it easy to mix and match with other pieces in your collection.

Some popular ways to wear aquamarine include:


Aquamarine looks beautiful when set in a pendant or drop necklace. The gem’s delicate color is not overwhelming, but elegant and sophisticated. Check out the simple yet gorgeous LaFonn March Birthstone Necklace as a perfect example. 



Aquamarine earrings can range from simple studs to elaborate chandelier styles. The gem is a great way to add a pop of color to your look. With these charming Le Vian Earrings, the vibrant aquamarines will light up any outfit. 



Delicate, dainty, or chunky and bold, aquamarine bracelets make a shimmering statement piece. The LaFonn March Birthstone Bracelet is a radiant addition to any jewelry box. 



Maintaining the Sparkle of Your Aquamarine

In order to maintain aquamarine's vivid appearance, special care must be taken to ensure it does not become scratched or tarnished. Routine cleaning with a soft cloth and lukewarm water should be done regularly.  

To prevent aquamarine from becoming damaged by too much light exposure, it should always be stored away from other jewelry and placed in a dry, dark place. Taking these steps can help aquamarines keep their lovely blue green sparkle and shine.


Discover Your Perfect Aquamarine at Carter's Jewel Chest

From its ancient roots to modern-day trends, the aquamarine has remained a symbol of serenity, purity and eternal youth. At Carter's Jewel Chest, we offer a wide selection of stunning aquamarine jewelry pieces. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or surprise a loved one, we are here to make your shopping experience unforgettable. Visit us today at 860 Highway 62 East to discover your ideal gemstone treasure.