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All About Different Diamond Shapes

Finding the Right Diamond Shape

Buying a diamond is not just a financial investment but also an emotional one. You want to make sure you are investing in the perfect stone that fits both your budget and style. And what better way to do that than by learning about different diamond shapes that are available to you? When it comes to choosing the right diamond shape, it's important to consider your personal style and the setting you choose for your ring. In this blog, we will explore six popular diamond shapes, including round, princess, marquise, emerald, pear and cushion, so you can make an informed decision on your purchase.

Regal Round

Let's start with the most popular diamond shape, the round. Round diamonds are classic and versatile, designed to maximize sparkle by reflecting light from all available angles. They are also the most expensive diamond shape because they require a significant amount of diamond rough to be cut away in order to achieve their signature circular shape. Round diamonds are a perfect choice for an engagement ring or a classic piece of jewelry.

Pristine Princess

The princess diamond is the most common square shape and has sharp edges with a modern and clean look. It's also the second most popular diamond shape. Princess cut diamonds have a unique look, with excellent brilliance and fire, and are an excellent choice for someone looking for a modern style. They also are relatively less expensive than round diamonds, as they are cut in a way that preserves more of the original rough diamond.

Magnificent Marquise

The marquise diamond is an eye-catching diamond shape featuring an elongated form with pointed ends. This diamond aims to lengthen and flatter the hand of the wearer. Marquise diamonds have a long, narrow shape that makes it appear bigger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. Plus, due to its unique shape, marquise diamonds are sure to stand out from other diamonds.

Elegant Emerald

Unlike all other diamond shapes where the focus is on the brilliance, emerald diamonds are known for clarity. Emerald diamonds favor a vintage look because of their geometric shape. The shape is named after the emerald gemstone, which was the original stone that was cut in this shape. It’s a popular choice in Art Deco jewelry, but its long, slender shape also makes it a great choice for creating a slimmer, lengthening effect.

Perfect Pear

The pear diamond, also known as a teardrop diamond, is a cross between the marquise and round diamond. It is a graceful and elegant diamond shape, with a tapered point at one end and round on the other. With its unique shape, it provides excellent light return and is perfect for those who desire a unique and non-traditional diamond.

Captivating Cushion

Cushion diamonds are a classic diamond shape that is also known as a pillow cut diamond. They have a more vintage look than all other diamond shapes, with rounded corners and curved edges. The cushion cut has been around for over a hundred years and has been gaining popularity in recent times. A cushion cut diamond is an excellent option for a ring that combines sophistication with a touch of antique style.

Find Your Ideal Diamond Shape at Carter’s Jewel Chest

There you have it – a complete overview of some of the most popular diamond shapes. There are even more shapes to explore, but don’t worry. You can always stop by Carter’s Jewel Chest at 860 Hwy. 62E. Unit 1 and browse our extensive collection. From round to marquise and beyond, we have diamond shapes that will suit both your style and budget. 

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